Lionel Barber

Lionel Barber is the Editor of the Financial Times (FT). Since his appointment in 2005, Lionel Barber has helped to transform the Financial Times into a multi-channel global news organisation, and during Barber's editorship the FT has won many international awards for...

Osanna Visconti

The creative artisan Osanna Visconti di Modrone is based in Milan, where she works with traditional techniques, in particular lost-wax casting of both bronze and silver.  Her earliest inspiration derives from jewelry pieces made for her mother by famous Italian...

Thierry Boutemy

SHARING EXCEPTIONAL MOMENTS. Thierry Boutemy is a florist based in Brussels, whose ingenious, innocent and precise work derives from a spontaneous creativity inspired by his childhood.  Thierry Boutemy is known for the naturalistic craft and beauty of his seasonal...

Blair Thurman

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER.  Blair Thurman is at the opening of the ‘Underwater Blue’ (‘Nell’Acqua Azzurra’) exhibition hosted by Gagosian in Milan, that takes place until May 17th in the space of Lapo Elkann's Garage Italia. Blair, how come you decided to exhibit your...

Simonetta Della Seta

A CENTRE FOR DIALOGUE AND COEXISTENCE. Simonetta Della Seta is the Director of the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah (MEIS) in Ferrara. Simonetta Della Seta you were appointed Director of MEIS in June 2016.  Can you describe the museum for me? The...



Money Must Stay in the Family

The plot of Money Must Stay in the Family, unfolds around the family matriarch’s last will and traces the story of an upper class Jewish family from Turin, the fictional Ottolenghis. The multigenerational saga begins with the flight from Mussolini’s Racial Laws of 1938 and continues with the arrival in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the dispersion from New York to Rome, Paris, Tuscany, South America, and Jerusalem.


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