Annabelle d’Huart

DELICATELY RELATING TO THE FRAGILITY OF THE HUMAN CONDITION. Annabelle d’Huart is a photographer, a sculptor, a designer and a jewelry-maker.  She views all these fields as different aspects of her career as an artist. You started your career as a...

James Canning-Cooke

A WHOLE NEW WAY OF THINKING ABOUT MONEY. James Canning-Cooke is Head of Research at Mulberry Tree Capital, one of the risk-managed hedge funds investing in leading digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.  James went to Oxford University and networks with...

Johnny de Falbe

THE BEST BOOKSHOP IN LONDON. Johnny de Falbe runs John Sandoe Books, the independent bookseller close to London’s Sloane Square where he has worked for over thirty years. John Sandoe Books is one of London’s foremost and best-loved independent bookshops, and is a...

Julian Jackson

De Gaulle Made France A Republican Monarchy.  Julian Jackson is Professor of History at Queen Mary, University of London and one of the foremost British experts on twentieth-century France.  Julian Jackson's magnificent new biography, ‘A Certain Idea of France - The...

Gisela Getty

FIGHTING THE HITLER WITHIN. Gisela Getty is a photographer, director, designer and writer. Born in 1949 in Kassel, Germany, like her twin sister Jutta she is known as a representative of the '68 movement. Gisela agreed to marry Paul Getty very shortly before he was...



Money Must Stay in the Family

The plot of Money Must Stay in the Family, unfolds around the family matriarch’s last will and traces the story of an upper class Jewish family from Turin, the fictional Ottolenghis. The multigenerational saga begins with the flight from Mussolini’s Racial Laws of 1938 and continues with the arrival in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the dispersion from New York to Rome, Paris, Tuscany, South America, and Jerusalem.


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