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Cornelia Guest

My love for animals made me vegan. People should not buy animal products. You were a famous debutante, and then you became a vegan, interested and deeply involved in animal rights? Yes, and I also became an actress and I still do movies. I have been surrounded by...

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Cosima Spender

“I am a filmmaker. I went to university in London and studied Anthropology and Art History, and then I went to NFTS (The National Film and Television School). They only take five students per year per discipline; I did Documentary Direction. Anthropology gave me...

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Roberto Benigni

Life (with a child) is Beautiful. Roberto Benigni won Best Actor for his role in "Life is Beautiful". He was the first actor to win an Oscar for a performance in a foreign language film since Sophia Loren won for "Two Women" almost forty years before. His film...

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Monica Vitti

The cinema is like a wonderful game, but I’m only a diva in love. Do you feel more like an actress or a director? Actress, absolutely. Also because it’s a different type of work. Secret Scandal was something all mine, and so I directed it. But that’s not my job. I...

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Dario Disegni

Mr Disegni, you were recently appointed president of MEIS (which is the foundation behind the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Holocaust) by the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Dario Franceschini. You’ve taken over from writer Riccardo Calimani...

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Norman Rosenthal

Sir Norman Rosenthal is an independent curator and art historian. How long have you been living in London’s Soho for? First I lived in St. James’s, and then I moved here in 1989 when I got married. Did you know Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud? They came to the Colony...

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Marco Delogu

Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in London. Since July you are the new Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in London. How come you made this role your choice when you are a well-known and active photographer? Photography was and is something too...

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Nicky Haslam

Nicky Haslam is founder of the London based interior design firm NH Design. A Lucky Life How would you describe yourself? I suppose I am stupidly fearless about doing things. I don’t panic if somebody says to me, “Do you sing?” I wasn’t panicked about going on stage....

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François Halard

“I’ve gone from top models to beautiful homes.” In the early 1980s, photographer François Halard worked for Decoration International in Paris. Then Alex Lieberman, the art director at Condé Nast, called on him and he moved to New York. In May 2011 I asked him: How did...

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Robert Wilson

"I made portraits of Lady Gaga from classical paintings in the Louvre’s collection. Her interior sense became her exterior expression." I arrive in the Watermill Center. Bob Wilson is expecting me in his industrial reconverted building where he lives, where he has his...

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Yto Barrada

Yto Barrada, photographer and filmmaker: “My look at a changing Morocco” You are famous as a photographer as well as for other things. What else do you do? I am also a sculptor and filmmaker. I showed a film at the Venice Biennial, at the Arsenale, which was chosen by...

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Dante Ferretti

“Fellini taught me how to dream.” Dante Ferretti is a three-time Oscar winning Italian art director and production designer. His work with directors from Fellini and Pasolini to Gilliam and Scorsese has earned him an array of industry awards and nominations. Ferretti...

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Lucia Bosè

After Dominguin, my heart beats for no one. Lucia Bosè has just arrived in Capri. It is May, 1994. Why Capri? I return here whenever I can. I’ve been coming since I was twenty when I would come with Tirelli, Esa De Simone, and Dino Trappetti. We would rent little...

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Julian Schnabel

Painter and director Julian Schnabel, wearing a white robe and velvet slippers fit for a Venetian gondolier, opens the door of his extravagant New York home in downtown Manhattan during October 2000. This is where the most important scenes from his first film...

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Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders inaugurated a photo exhibition called “Images of Planet Earth” in the Scuderie del Quirinale (Quirinal Stables) in Rome, 2006. The great director is walking through the enormous spaces of the Quirinale, putting the final touches on the exhibition and...

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Brigitte Bardot

The French actress, who has been an idol for two generations, tells about her life in this interview, starting with her girlhood on the outskirts of Paris to how she became a cinema star, all the way to her years out of the spotlight in Saint-Tropez. On 28 September...

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Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve is working on a film set in Paris. She sounds a bit annoyed on the phone. She hesitates and asks how I got her phone number. She is suspicious. "It’s not possible. If you want to do an interview, talk to my press office." Before she hangs up, I am...

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Mia Farrow

Actress Mia Farrow is in Venice for the first time as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She looks rejuvenated. Her hair is long and loose and she’s wearing an antique pink t-shirt, black pants and sandals. Accompanying her is her son Seamus, the child she had with...

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Amira Casar

Amira Casar regularly comes to Salzburg for the Festival. This year the actress has just been performing at the Festival d’Avignon. Soon she has to be back in Paris where she starts a new role in Versailles, a television series about the life of the young Louis XIV....

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Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert is petite. She practically tiptoes into a salon of the Hotel de la Ville in Rome, wearing grey pants, a beige pullover and a red scarf around her neck. Her hair hangs long and loose. It is a reddish brown, and her eyes are large and brown. She seems...

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Alberto Barbera

Alberto Barbera, you have been Director of the Venice Film Festival twice, from 1999 to 2001 and now since 2012. What has changed in the film industry during that time? A great deal, much more than one would imagine. The digital revolution has transformed the film...

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Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper (1936 - 2010), a director and first and foremost an actor, is in Salzburg in October 2000 to show some of his works of art. Showing art is rather a different experience. Are you satisfied? Yes. I sold two of my works for the first time, including a...

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Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is the most famous Italian actress in the world. On September 3rd, 1994, the eve of her sixtieth birthday, she confessed her passions, her memories, and her projects to Alain. We publish them again here today to celebrate Valentine's Day, 2014. Alain...

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Claudia Cardinale

"My heart is in Africa and my head is in Europe. In Paris the Tunisian taxi drivers do not want to charge me for my fare because I am one of them, but I am also Italian and French.” On a tour of Italian theatres in December 2002, the actress Claudia Cardinale...

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Fanny Ardant

Fanny Ardant: The Ultimate Diva A short interview from the archive with the actress and director Fanny Ardant, who speaks fluent French, Italian and Spanish and learned English while filming Callas Forever (2002). She is a really passionate reader, as was her former...

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Alberto Moravia

Whenever I read Alberto Moravia's interviews, suddenly he comes back into my life as if he was still alive. Alberto’s brief answers, his judgements about people, artists, ideas. He really was very unusual, special in his way of thinking. In his answers he was always...

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Isabella Rossellini

Inspired by silent movies, Isabella Rossellini has made a series of funny films for the internet under the titles of Green Porno and Mammas.  She has developed Green Porno into a new art form, a one woman stage show that she has taken round the world and is currently...

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Anita Pallenberg is an actress, model, and fashion designer. Born in Italy in 1944 she was the partner of the Rolling Stones’ guitarist Brian Jones and then the partner of Keith Richards. Anita, you have worked in the worlds of cinema, music and fashion. Would you define yourself as an eclectic person? I would say... READ MORE


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