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Umberto Eco

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the death of Umberto Eco on February 19th, 2016 at the age of 84. We remember him with huge admiration. He was a magnificent intellectual and a great Italian who made Italians proud of being Italian all over the world. We...

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Timothy Radcliffe OP

"To enter the religious world is to move from living in black and white to living in colour." Timothy Radcliffe OP is a Dominican friar and served as Master of the Dominicans, the Order of Preachers, for nine years. He inspires in his addresses and retreats in all...

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Alice Waters

The way to solve problems is through food. Alice Waters, at what stage of your life do you feel you are? I am in a very reflective place, because I know I have an incredible opportunity and I don’t want to push to make something happen. I want to go to the place where...

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Elio Toaff

Walking Together. Rabbi Elio Toaff recently died at the age of 99 in Rome, on April 19th. We made a book together titled Essere Ebreo in which he explored with me what it means To be a Jew in the form of a long interview, and another called Il Messia e gli ebrei (The...

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Carlo Maria Martini

Milan. August 1st, 1995. Political tension and division right across Italy. The country seems to be going from bad to worse and is more divided than ever before. It is a deep cut which worries Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the Archbishop of Milan. "Italy"  he...

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Anita Pallenberg is an actress, model, and fashion designer. Born in Italy in 1944 she was the partner of the Rolling Stones’ guitarist Brian Jones and then the partner of Keith Richards. Anita, you have worked in the worlds of cinema, music and fashion. Would you define yourself as an eclectic person? I would say... READ MORE


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