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Paolo Colombo

WORKS OF VISUAL POETRY. Paolo Colombo is an Italian artist and curator. Born in 1949 in Turin, Colombo lives and works in Athens, Greece, and is an Art Advisor for the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. Director of the Centre d'Art Contemporain in Geneva between 1989 and...

Santiago Calatrava

ART PRECEDES SCIENCE. Santiago Calatrava is a visionary architect, a structural engineer, a sculptor, and a painter based in Switzerland. In his architecture he has merged advanced engineering solutions with dramatic visual statements. You can listen to the podcast of...

Babak Jalali

TALES OF LOSS AND LOVE. Babak Jalali is a film director, producer and editor based between London, Paris and Rome. Born in Gorgan, Iran, he was raised primarily in London and gained a degree in East European Studies and an MA in Politics before attending the London...

Marina Abramovic

ALL THE WORLD HER STAGE. Marina Abramović makes art with her own body and state of mind. In performance she has created situations in which onlookers become participants, even protagonists. A conceptual and intuitive artist for 55 years, in 2023 she became the first...

Thomas Harding

THE GOLDEN AGE OF PUBLISHING. Thomas Harding is a bestselling British author. His award winning books have been translated into more than eighteen languages and include “Hanns and Rudolf”, “The House by the Lake”, “Blood on the Page”, and “White Debt”. His most recent...



Bassani shows us the mechanisms of discrimination: the horrors of being a full member of society one day and the next day being considered a pariah. Prejudice, whether racial, religious, sexual, or any other kind, follows the pattern he describes so masterfully.”


Reminiscing on Giorgio Bassani with Alain Elkann


Nonna Carla by Alain Elkann

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