Imran Amed

MEDITATION CHANGED MY LIFE. Imran Amed is founder, editor-in-chief and CEO of The Business of Fashion, often known as BoF, a modern media company dedicated to the world of fashion, luxury and beauty. He is one of the fashion industry’s leading writers, thinkers and...

Sheila Hicks

THE PIVOTAL RUE DE SEINE. Sheila Hicks is a Nebraska born artist who studied at Yale School of Art with Josef Albers in the 1950s. She fell in love with Chile and Mexico and lived there for several years before moving to Paris in 1964. Known for her innovative and...

Gilbert & George

THEIR FUTURE IS SECURE. On April 1st 2023 Gilbert & George opened the Gilbert & George Centre in London’s East End. I went to visit them in their nearby studio.Are you tired by all the brouhaha of this very important opening? Yes, we are quite exhausted. Now...

Philippe Starck

A CONTINUUM OF CREATIVITY. Philippe Starck is a French creator known for his wide range of designs, including interior design, architecture, household objects, furniture, boats and other vehicles.You can listen to the podcast of this interview here. Philippe Starck,...



Bassani shows us the mechanisms of discrimination: the horrors of being a full member of society one day and the next day being considered a pariah. Prejudice, whether racial, religious, sexual, or any other kind, follows the pattern he describes so masterfully.”


Reminiscing on Giorgio Bassani with Alain Elkann


Nonna Carla by Alain Elkann

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