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Jacob Rothschild

"We are united as Rothschilds but this does not prevent competition between us." "Growth? In Europe it will be slow and difficult." Jacob Rothschild, how do you manage to deal with so many different philanthropic organisations, with your own collection, with your art...

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Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is in good spirits, wearing long dark blue Bermuda shorts and a dark brown T-shirt. He is tanned and resting at his home on the island of Pantelleria, an oasis of true luxury, very quiet and with a light breeze. It's seven o'clock in the evening and, in...

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Oscar de la Renta

I am very sad about Oscar's death. The fashion world won't be the same without his smile, his positive and warm energy, his loyalty to his friends. What a splendid example for all of us of someone who loved and worked at his craft from his very early days to the very...

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George Weidenfeld

Intolerance is more dangerous than Nazism or Fascism or Communism. We are having lunch in the bow-windowed living room in Lord Weidenfeld's beautiful apartment on Chelsea Embankment, overlooking the Thames. There are books everywhere, a piano, and Old Master paintings...

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Peter Brant

Peter Brant, entrepreneur and collector: “Andy Warhol taught me to have fun.” The interview took place at the Cipriani Hotel in Venice during the Biennale 2011. Peter Brant is one of the most famous collectors of contemporary art. Peter, when did you become interested...

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Gianni Versace

So many years have passed since I went to interview Gianni Versace in June 1993, but I still remember him very well. He was a clever man, a talented man. He was not pretentious and really friendly. I saw him again a couple of years later on a boat in Turkey. He was...

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Miuccia Prada

The idea to re-publish some very special interviews with some very special people many years later, as we have done previously with Luciano Pavarotti, Eric Hobsbawm, Sophia Loren and Diane von Fürstenberg,  is because in an interview you get to know the personality...

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Vito Racanelli

I interview the US Editor at “The Barron’s”, The Trader columnist whose job is to provoke debate. I meet Vito Racanelli at Bar Pitti, a very trendy downtown Italian restaurant that looks like an Italian trattoria and where the meatballs and the spinach are as...

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Mario Gabelli

On a terribly cold winter day I meet Mario Gabelli, Chairman of GAMCO Investors, at the Columbus Club in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Gabelli is just back from Texas where he went to visit several companies and meet clients.   He is wearing a navy blue suit and a...

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Diane von Fürstenberg

An extremely long, black, rented limousine came to pick me up at home to take me to Connecticut, where I’m going to interview Diane von Fürstenberg. In the car is Tatiana, the designer’s twenty-year-old daughter, with two friends. Alain contributes his 1992 interview...

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Fabrizio Moretti

“The new rich avoid the past, because the past isn't fashionable and is more difficult to understand.” Fabrizio, what made you decide to open an art gallery in London? It wasn't my decision, it was fate. London is the capital of the art-market world, vying for the...

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François Pinault

François Pinault, a humble country boy who now bestrides the world of luxury goods like a colossus. The first time I met François Pinault was a brief intersection on the terrace of the Hotel Monaco in Venice, where he was having lunch with Jean-Jacques Aillagon, the...

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Anita Pallenberg is an actress, model, and fashion designer. Born in Italy in 1944 she was the partner of the Rolling Stones’ guitarist Brian Jones and then the partner of Keith Richards. Anita, you have worked in the worlds of cinema, music and fashion. Would you define yourself as an eclectic person? I would say... READ MORE


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