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Simon Anholt

In June 2016 Simon Anholt is launching Global Vote. Starting with the Icelandic Presidential Elections and the UK’s EU membership referendum at the end of this month, Global Vote will be offering an election every few weeks on (and yes, this...

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Jeff Koons harshly treated by his then wife Ilona Staller (Cicciolina) - June 1994. Ilona: “I am in Trieste, but I don’t feel safe. Minister Biondi needs to help me. My husband is going to kill me. He keeps threatening me.” Staller is on the run with her child....

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Emma Bonino

Europe is my battle. Having returned from Kosovo, Emma Bonino is in her office in Rome in the Radical Party headquarters. It is September, 1998. Did you not go on holiday? I spent the first week of August in a little hole – a very charming little hole that my brother...

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J. Scott Armstrong

"FORECASTS OF DANGEROUS MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING ARE NOT VALID." Professor Armstrong is internationally known for his pioneering work on forecasting methods, which he has worked on for 55 years. Professor Armstrong, can you tell me, what is a forecaster? A forecaster...

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Frédéric Mitterrand

This interview with Frédéric Mitterrand was made in 2009, when for almost a year he had been the director of Villa Medici, the French Academy in Rome. Your predecessors as Director of Villa Medici include the great painters Poussin, Ingres, Balthus, and many great...

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Susanna Agnelli

Susanna Agnelli's political career  culminated in 1995 with her appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs. She is the first woman ever to hold this post in Italy. Click here for her "Life in Pictures". As foreign minister of the technocratic government, Susanna...

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Giorgio Napolitano

This interview took place nine years ago in February 2006, just before Napolitano was elected President of the Italian Republic and carried on an exceptional mandate of nine years instead of seven. Now he has resigned after an outstanding performance as President, and...

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Giulio Andreotti

Giulio Andreotti was a Christian Democratic politician who was several times prime minister of Italy in the period from 1972 to 1992. He was one of Italy’s most skillful and powerful politicians in the era after World War II. This interview was made during August,...

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Maria José of Savoy

"King Umberto and I abstained from voting." This interview with the last Queen of Italy was made in the Summer of 1996, when Maria José had been back from Mexico for a year. She had lived there since 1991 in a house in Cuernavaca surrounded by eucalyptus plants and...

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Jeffrey Sachs

Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs is Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Prof Sachs, how is your battle for sustainable development proceeding? It is long and difficult because sustainable development is a different direction for the world economy. The...

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Bianca Jagger

This is how I fight injustice. Bianca Jagger arrives on time. She was once often late, but it seems as if her habits have changed. She is all dressed in white, in a suit and a low-cut t-shirt. She plays with her hands in the lobby of the Mayfair Regent Hotel in New...

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Patrizio Fondi

Patrizio Fondi is the Italian Ambassador in Amman. Does serving as an ambassador in Amman today mean living with a lot of pressure? Above all, it means being vigilant and not just in the obvious sense of being prudent and taking all reasonable precautions for the...

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Leah Rabin

Leah Rabin: “We have to trust the idea of peace.” “Arafat is a sincere partner, he has become our friend.” “Israel, enough with the arrogance.” Leah Rabin was the widow of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995. She died in November 2000...

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George Weidenfeld

Intolerance is more dangerous than Nazism or Fascism or Communism. We are having lunch in the bow-windowed living room in Lord Weidenfeld's beautiful apartment on Chelsea Embankment, overlooking the Thames. There are books everywhere, a piano, and Old Master paintings...

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Gore Vidal

Interview with an angry writer. Gore Vidal: “The Attorney General is nothing but a puppet. Let me tell you about this massive conspiracy.” Gore Vidal, you followed President Clinton's speech on TV at your house in Ravello. What do you think about it? In a few words,...

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Kerry Kennedy

Kerry is in her office on Madison Avenue in New York. She is President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. As a child in a very privileged condition she understood how many other people in the world were suffering injustice and...

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Tina Brown

WOMEN IN THE WORLD At 10 a.m. I arrive at Lincoln Center in New York for the fifth Women in the World public meeting.  The Theater is full, as it would be for an opera premiere. This is a two and a half day event at Lincoln Center where extraordinary women from all...

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Eric Hobsbawm

In the middle of the Ukraine Crimea Russia EU crisis after the declarations of President Obama, the world misses intelligent intellectuals like Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012), capable of understanding the many differences and nuances between the Western and the Eastern...

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Erica Jong

Erica, what is your view of what is happening in the feminine world? I think that more and more people are becoming aware that women’s rights are human rights. The smartest men understand well that when women are educated the economy goes up. Why? Because when women...

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Silvan Shalom

Silvan Shalom is the Israeli Minister for Regional Development, Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, and Minister of Energy and Water. It is November 2013 and the Minister is in the Negev Desert with the Prime Minister and other ministers for a...

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HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal

I go to visit His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal during October 2013 at his home in the Royal Palace of Amman, where he has lived with his wife for 45 years. The Italian Ambassador to Jordan, Patrizio Fondi, and Jacqueline Beaurang are with me. In the entrance...

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Money Must Stay in the Family

The plot of Money Must Stay in the Family, unfolds around the family matriarch’s last will and traces the story of an upper class Jewish family from Turin, the fictional Ottolenghis. The multigenerational saga begins with the flight from Mussolini’s Racial Laws of 1938 and continues with the arrival in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the dispersion from New York to Rome, Paris, Tuscany, South America, and Jerusalem.


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